"Some" of my pages are disappeared from google

by @farnamjam (94), 1 week ago

Hello my friends

I have run to a problem recently and I really don't know how to solve it. some of pages are disappeared from google. At first, they were doing well and it was in the third pages. but now no matter I change the keyword or create a whole new page, Google won't show it. the keyword is powerpoint presentation services, or powerpoint presentation help.


I should say I have many pages on the first page and they are fine. 

My guess is that I've got backlinks with the same anchor text. I disavowed all of these links, but still no change.

Can anybody tell me what's going on and how I could solve the problem? Has google penalized me? how can I found out?

Thank you all

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by @uday508singh (105), 3 days ago

New Google update is going on. Its still unconfirmed but due to Covid 19, they are doing some changes. My site's rankings has also disappeared for many keywords.

by @ms (1061), 2 days ago

What is that update about @uday508singh ? How do you know?

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