Solve Pages with Duplicate Meta Duplicate Tags & Content Error due to multilingual

by @rchalana (122), 7 months ago

I am using one of popular SEO tool and it showing me error of duplicate meta tags and content for below type of URL structures (I am taking as example) and I am working for agency. www.example.com/abc/ www.example.com/en_US/abc/ Currently there are no any canonical URLs present, both URLs have same content, same titles and tags

What's the best solution to avoid duplicate meta tags issues for this?

I was thinking to add below attributes, let me know if this is correct This is what I am thinking I am going to add below meta attributes for both pages


and same attributes for this page


As per my logics, using same link in canonical as 1st on both the pages can tell search engines that 2nd page is just for US language version so not to consider its content duplicate. is my thinking correct?

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by @binayjha (4449), 7 months ago

Use 'hreflang' to resolve the issue.

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