Should I replace all redirection to the final destination URL?

by @alan (22), 1 year ago


I have an old website. Now I upgraded to a new site. Then, I add redirecitons to redirect the old URLs in the old site to the new URLs.

I think all set. But the SEO company said I need to replace all instances of the old URLs with new URLs in all webpages. That is a huge task as there are many instances.

So, I just wonder whether it is necessary to do so. Are there any benefits? Also later if I upgrade my website again, then need I change the URLs again?

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by @Gamerseo (1325), 1 year ago

It's a good idea to inform your customers about your new website. Display information about the new version of the store and redirect customers only after a while.

by @ms (3521), 1 year ago

It's a good practice to eliminate redirects. So if you have redirects a -> b -> c redirects, a -> c will work better.

Also, Google won't follow more than 3...

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