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by @motorhomer (131), 2 years ago

I am running a motorhome site finder which has a map and when a user clicks on a campsite icon and "read more" link they will be taken to a campSite.php page which show the details of the site they are viewing. The site details are all done through this php page. The page is generated via an Ajax request to a database. Each site has a unique ID. When a user clicks on a site the ID is sent by POST to the campSite.php page where the ID is used to retrieve the details of the site to be shown. I cannot use the camp sites name as they will not all be unique.

For this reason the URL is normally something like this

Now the issue is the URL will not have the campsites name, for this one it will be "Pilot Inn".

How important is it to have the camp sites name in the URL and is there an easy way to change this? Also if I leave it as it is would a sitemap be ok using this URL


surely this means nothing to google search. At the moment I believe my SEO if not great so need a little help with this part thanks

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by @jaap (1667), 2 years ago

I cannot use the camp sites name as they will not all be unique.

In fact I would try really (almost) anything to have good looking URL's. Not only for SEO but also UX.

If there are 3 campsites with the same name, why not make your URL's like: website/the-pilot-inn-kent website/the-pilot-inn-derby website/the-pilot-inn-boston

by @motorhomer (131), 2 years ago

OK I will have to spend some time to work out best way to impellent this I have around 500 sites and growing, all sites have unique ID's so I can know what a user has clicked on to get the relevant information. I will have to change a lot of structure if you think this is important to search engines

by @motorhomer (131), 2 years ago

So after a bit of spinning around :) I could create a URL like the following

But would this be any good on SEO for search engines as this is a POST request

If not to put the site name as a sub directory will mean making thousands of sub directories on the server, surely this is not normal

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