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by @bhagyashree (114), 7 months ago

The keyword has a volume of 12,000, and we are ranking in the 1st position on Google. However, why are we not receiving any traffic?

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Congratulations on achieving the 1st position on Google for a keyword with a volume of 12,000! While ranking high is a significant achievement, it's possible that the lack of traffic might be due to several reasons:

Low CTR: Even though you're in the top position, if your title and meta description aren't enticing, users may not click on your link. Irrelevant Content: Your content may not be fulfilling users' search intent, causing them to bounce back quickly. Competitive Snippets: Featured snippets and answer boxes can decrease organic traffic, as users get their answers directly from Google. Seasonal or Trend-based: The keyword's search volume might fluctuate, leading to periods of lower traffic. To improve traffic, focus on optimizing your title/meta description, aligning content with search intent, and monitoring keyword trends.

by @binayjha (4449), 7 months ago

There can be many reasons for this. One of the important part of the analysis is to check whether the keyword ranking is at all locations or limited. Check the ranking in different Google servers using a tool.

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