Rel nofollow vs. sponsored vs. ugc and external

by @wablogger (129), 3 years ago

I understand use cases for nofollow, sponsored and ugc. But I see sites mostly on WP utilising combinations of mentioned and even all of them. It makes me wonder if they doesn't contradict others.

According to moz

  • sponsored is for paid and sponsored links
  • ugc is for user generated content
  • and nofollow is catch-all for all links that you don't trust

Should we combine them? For example blog with comments allowing URLs. Should I use

rel="external nofollow ugc"

or just


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by @ms (3855), 3 years ago

Combining rels where it makes sense is perfectly fine.

From the article on Moz:

You can use the new attributes in combination with each other. For example, rel="nofollow sponsored ugc" is valid.

by @wablogger (129), 3 years ago

Thank you for the reference @ms

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