Product description - are product parameters as internal backlinks duplicities?

by @spravca.uctu (117), 1 week ago


I have an ecommerce store. From many reasons I am thinking about generate little part of description from product parameters. Mainly, because lots of products have these parameters, so right now I am putting it into description manually. Considering I am going to make some language mutations it would be not effective to keep doing it manually.

Lets say I have pants. The pants have this specifications:

  • color: US camouflage
  • material: 50% cotton, 50 %nylon Rip/Stop
  • membrane: Gore-Tex
  • and so on...

What I want to do is, that I would put these specifications as parameters to the product and Description would look like this:

  • (H1 Product title) (If possible little bit different from meta title)
  • (H2 Description of "Product name") Some short and as uniqe as possible text description
  • (H3 Specifications) here would be automattically putted higher specifications (every product would have these specifications as parameter in our system) and it would be interactive. So for example, you could click on "Gore-Tex" or "Ripstop" and it would get you in new tab on blog, where is glossary and there is article about Gore-Tex. From this artcile you can also clik back on store on dynamic category with all Gore-tex products. Here is my question. Would those parameters be considered as duplicities, when lots of products have the same parameters? Is it good from internal backling perspective, that those parameters would be interactive and it would take you f.e. on glosary and so on?
  • (H3 Benefits) Some short text about benefits and use of product.

Thanks guys.

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by @ms (1966), 1 week ago

As long as it makes sense for the users/potential buyers to go through the generated paragraphs to find product details, it sounds alright.

The question here is, isn't much more convenient for the average visitor to find minimal product specs possible and learn exactly what they're looking for when it comes to product page? I mean, these paragraphs won't harm your SEO - those are common attributes and can't be completely unique anyway. But from user experience standpoint, I'd probably go with spot-on descriptions, unordered list of attributes rather than hiding important details into fluff.

Then again, you won't get SEO advantage (too short, not unique) or disadvantage (it is what it is, same attributes and specs for many products). So all you should probably take care of here are your vistors, should I say potential buyers..

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