post keeps disappearing from the search result

by @nasilgezdim (118), 2 weeks ago

Hello, last week I asked a question about it on google community but I didnt get answer for my question. I hope you can shed some light.

I have two posts with listing problems.

One of my pages does not appear on google search result even though all the photos from the post are listed on google images. The search term is

leuven gezi rehberi

This page doesnt not appear on neither desk or mobile. I remember it was on the search results couple of days after I published it. I published it in October 2022.

The second page has similar issue. According my google search console the following page at 6.5th place on a certain search term

However, this page appeared in the search result last week under the certain search term

porto gezilecek yerler

and it disappeared this week. I can see images from the post are listed in google is rather frustrating as post appear for a day ( couple of hours ) so and the next day post disappears in the search result. it keeps doing it since I published. I publish this post on 1st January 2023.

I would like to know why this post keeps disappears from the result even though google search console says they are there.

Any thoughts?

What should I do ?

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by @ngff998722 (105), 2 weeks ago

keep web frame match phone and pc(CSS FLEX DESIGN). and make your page content to be original.

by @ms (3182), 2 weeks ago

Hey @ngff998722 how does is your advice relevant without even knowing website URL? Genuinely curious.

@nasilgezdim you should at least post URL to a SERP, when asking for a local search advice.

by @binayjha (2549), 2 weeks ago

Get 2-3 quality backlinks for the post and then check. Current situation is might be due to competition.

by @joycedaniels (-25), 2 weeks ago

Hello, the issue may be that there is more competition for the keyword, making your material less appropriate, which prevents it from appearing in SERPs. In my opinion, you should update your post with some original content that hasn't been published on Google yet.

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