Not seeing any traffic or ranking improvement after 9 months of doing SEO

by @Remya123 (122), 3 months ago

Hi all, Thank you for your time and support in advance, For the past 9 month, i was doing SEO for a website.Upon commencement, we encountered several Technical issues affecting the website's performance. I successfully rectified page errors, cleared URL issues, and addressed crawl errors. And added optimized content also onto the website. Health score, DA ,PA all were improved, But still keywords were completely vanished from search engine, Could someone please help what might be the issue ,

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by @ms (3791), 3 months ago

For the past 9 month, i was doing SEO for a website

Share more details about what the SEO you have been doing on the site.

Also, can you share niche/keywords, and maybe check your GSC for possible issues? If you seen any, post a screenshot. Thanks

by @chrisharf (129), 3 months ago

Oh, I totally get that! SEO can be a real puzzle sometimes. It's like you're doing all this work, and the results are just playing hard to get. We had a similar saga with our website. We were going all out with the SEO efforts, but it felt like hitting a brick wall. hanged up our keywords and slugs to laser-focus aimed straight at our target audience. It's crazy how a couple of tweaks can be the secret sauce.

by @Abdulrehman (115), 3 months ago

Despite addressing technical issues, consider monitoring for potential algorithm updates, assessing competitors' strategies, and ensuring content relevance. Collaborate with the SEO team to refine the strategy and keyword targeting for improved visibility.

by @jaap (1662), 2 months ago

Do you have visitors?

Do a technical audit
Use a heat map.
Use Search Console to see exit page, bounces.
Check CTR
Check load times of every page.
And don't forget high quality backlinks, backlinks, backlinks.

by @lucadylan (190), 2 months ago

Create Quality Backlinks

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