Need Guidance Regarding Home Page Title Tag

by @parameshg (136), 3 years ago


I had a website where we provide Ethical hаcking course and Cyber Security courses. We had two locations (Branches) in INDIA (Bangalore and Hyderabad) and we also provide online training. Could any please provide me some suggestions for my home page Title Tag.

Can i write it is as:

Ethical hаcking Course Online | Hyderabad, Bangalore | India | Cyber Security Courses

Please guide me.

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by @shane (653), 3 years ago

You're overthinking it. The site title won't get you ranked. Describe the site briefly and accurately. Stuffing keywords in there doesn't provide benefit. It'll only make you look spammy to users.

by @parameshg (136), 3 years ago

Thanks for the reply Mr.Shane. Ours is a training institute. We provide cyber security courses and ethical hacking course. We had 2 locations (Hyderabad and Bangalore) in INDIA. Recently we started Online training also for above mentioned courses. Please suggest me title tag for home page.

by @shane (653), 3 years ago

"Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security | [business name]"

Ideally titles should be consistent throughout the site. I prefer "title | site name" format-wise. It allows the topic to be identified in the search results and also allows your business to be linked to those topics.

by @parameshg (136), 3 years ago

Can i try something like

Learn Ethical Hacking and Cyber security courses online | [business name]

by @ms (3521), 3 years ago

Exactly what @shane said ^^

I'd keep it short and simple, carrying the most information about the page possible. Also, I'd use just one separator | and prioritize as reverse breadcrumbs - leftmost being the most page-specific. One of the reasons is, that browsers show titles in tabs. More tabs you have open, shorter part of URL is visible. Also, don't forget to use favicon. If you have loads of tabs, that's the only thing you can see and use to identify the site...

by @ariamathew (155), 3 years ago

Hi Paramesh,

It is important to have a keyword in the Title tag. But it should be compelling and trigger users to click on it. Also, Location does not have any significance here. As you mentioned it as an online course. They will look only for the benefits you are going to offer

For Example: Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity courses online| Master in x Weeks

by @Robertboyer (105), 3 years ago

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