Myth or fact: Google won't rewrite page title when starting with keywords

by @seoradar (266), 3 years ago

This is what I've found on Reddit:

I have found putting keywords in your title tags does help you rank for queries, but you need to avoid having Google rewrite your pages' titles. Thing is, neither Google nor Bing like it when you put keywords ahead of your page title, or in the case of your home page, your site title. So, to avoid having your titles rewritten, put your page title, or in the case of your home page, your site title, first, then for pages other than your home page, put your site title (I said for pages other than your home page because you don't want to put your site title twice), and then put in your slogan, keywords you want to rank for, or whatever you had at the front of your title other than your page or site title. If you keep this in mind when crafting your titles, this should allow you to avoid having Google or Bing discard your title and come up with their own.

Do you think it works like that?

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by @ms (3194), 3 years ago

Never heard about it, but it does sound funny. Why would Google do that?

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