My competition has copied my domain name

by @hijabco (116), 2 weeks ago

My competition has copied my brand name with a small change. He/She has just changed the tld, mine is ".pk" and he's working on ".com.pk". He's literally trying to copy my webdata too. how do I ensure my originality?

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by @binayjha (4684), 2 weeks ago

You can win the case as per copyright law. As, your content will be proved older than their content. You should consult your legal advisor.


Consider trademarking your brand name and logo to protect your originality. In addition, we regularly monitor trademark infringements and take legal action when necessary. Strengthen your online presence with unique content, interact with your audience and establish your brand's identity.

by @ms (3855), 2 weeks ago

I'd go with UDRP at WIPO: https://www.wipo.int/amc/en/domains/guide/

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