Is Profile backlinks important for SEO?

by @bryangreene (206), 6 months ago

Profile Backlinks is a part of Basic backlinks for a new website. What's the main reason for profile backlinks or how much it important?

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by @seoradar (178), 6 months ago

What do you mean by profile backlinks? Backlink from your profile, like on this site ?

by @bryangreene (206), 6 months ago

Yes, like this.

by @JanviArora (125), 5 months ago

Profile backlinks valuable method, but only when you’re looking for change rather than link strength. But you need to not just create a profile & posted the link, you should be active on that profile. Within 2-3 months the profile link will be worth something. Profile links can be very valuable if it is on a quality website.

by @bryangreene (206), 5 months ago

Yes, @JanviArora I'm agree with you. Thank you for sharing some important info. I'm following this and continue.

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