Is Changing Title and Content Lead to SEO Ranking Drop? How to Recover?

by @fIONAx (132), 1 year ago

I recently updated my title and change my content, and find that my ranking is out of 30 (the previous is 16). Should I change back to the old version?

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by @binayjha (4117), 1 year ago

It depends on overall SEO, both on-page and off-page. In the current scenario, you can optimize the content more and try to win some backlinks for the page.

by @RodneyUK (158), 1 year ago

A good content length would be between 800 - 1400 words, with plenty of variations in your target search terms. Is your new content shorter than your old content? Is it less rich? Maybe you can salvage some parts of the old content to help boost up the value of the new content?

by @shwetakaushik (155), 11 months ago

Hi, It may happen in case; if your old titles and contents were indexed in Google and already contributing to the rankings. You may see a drop in keyword ranking due to changes in the title and content. If previous titles were working fine for you (in the case of ranking on 1st page), then you can revert the changes as before. Apart from this, if you were ranking beyond the 1st or 2nd page of Google, you can go with the new titles and need to put extra SEO efforts into those pages. I Hope this answer will be helpful. Thanks.

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