Indexed Pages not getting shown on Google SERP

by @staffordglobal (112), 7 months ago


Some of our webpages are not getting shown on the Google SERP, even though it has been shown crawled and Indexed. Every page is shown except the following. Checked for all possible issues and still couldn't find any errors or index blocks.

URLs Not shown on Google

Google Search Console Index Status :

Kindly help.

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by @AlexMerchant (-120), 6 months ago

If you google search for you will get all the pages indexed related to that particular website, but it's not 100% accurate. Many pages may be indexed with Google that aren't shown with the site: search parameter. It's quite common for websites to have more pages indexed according to search console than displayed using site: search paarmeter. So If it says, url is on Google, you do not have to worry much about it, It is indexed and will show up in google for sure. Hope this helps.

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