If Google changes its algorithm, will the rank of all sites decrease?

by @rewritertools (16), 4 years ago

Why does my site rank go down when Google's algorithm changes? So I'm very hesitant now. I think all site rank is not reduced, there are some sites whose rank is higher than before. Now I can't found any issue why my site rank goes down. I would have benefited greatly if I had known this. Thank you...!

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by @ms (3950), 4 years ago

Of course all sites won't go down. That would make no sense at all. After all, the first position would be empty, right?

Google's goal is pretty clear; Serving the best possible results for searching user, sorted by relevance (and of course, adding a lot of ads to make $$).

So when your site went down, some other is now where you were before. Because G thinks it's more relevant than yours. And all those changes and updates in their algorithms are aiming for better search experience.

If your site doesn't change/update and other does, it's perfectly normal that your ranks will decrease over time. It's dynamic environment and search results are changing with every single query. So keep working on your site, content, accessability and you should see some positive changes eventually.

by @nityenprakash (150), 4 years ago

Not necessarily things you should change as a result of an algorithm update, but to see algorithm updates as an opportunity to look at whether your site makes it easy for search engines to see what it’s about, amongst other things.

by @mdibrahim2007 (20), 3 years ago

It depends on each website if it meets all google guidelines then ranking wont reduce. For eg now site loading speed matters and amp plays vital role.

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