If a keyword could be styled as either one or two words, should I try to rank for both?

by @thomas.wachtel (116), 1 year ago

I'm in the auto financing industry, and "floorplanning" is an important term. But there isn't a real consensus as to whether "floorplan" or "floor plan" is preferred industry-wide, as far as I can tell. It's simply a style decision, there's no definition difference between the two. But I want to make sure I'm not missing out on any potential traffic by choosing one over the other.

So my question is: for a term like this, should I try to rank for both "floorplan" and "floor plan"? Or should I pick one or the other and stick to it? I don't want to confuse Google by switching back and forth, but if it's helpful I'm happy to do it.

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by @binayjha (5094), 1 year ago

You should try to rank with all versions of the keyword.

by @jaap (1667), 1 year ago

Mix the words through the content, Google will understand. Start your text fe with Floor plan or floorplanning is.... And use both in the meta.

by @cirilla (119), 1 year ago

Of course use both, you think correctly, so you will not miss out on additional traffic

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