I have published 25 blogs, promoted over social media still No crawl by Google

by @supersourcing (128), 2 years ago is my website and is my blog here I have posted 25+ blogs for the last 2 months.

I am not sure what mistake I did, and why google is not crawling this high-quality content.

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by @nesim (-40), 2 years ago

Hey there my dear friend. I know it can be overwhelming sometimes to not get indexed by search engines.

But this can certainly be fixed. Now the question is have you added your websites to the GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE & BING WEBMASTER TOOLS ?

Have you added a sitemap of your sites to google and bing ?

And have you received any backlinks to your websites yet?

// no self-promo please


by @nesim (-40), 2 years ago

Okay then if no self promo how do you think I am gonna be able to help this guy? LOL Seriously.

I was just saying what worked for me 100% RIGHT!

That's all. And what is bad in it to want what's best for other people?

Dude just let me know if you still need help I will find a way to help. SEOFORUM is SILLY With their rights!!!

All the best,


Yes that's correct as mentioned above by @nesim (-40) if your website is not submitted to search engines or you don't have sitemap and robot.txt then you need to have that and need to submit website in search engines then only it will be crawled by google. I recently made a blog and submit it on search engines and it's being crawled perfectly. You can check it here

by @gu3d (105), 2 years ago

Yes definitely add your site to Google Search Console. You will get an update of all pages crawled, stats about traffic from search engine and you even see if your site appears in Google search result for all keywords searched. There is also the possibility to manually add pages to the Google search index. Very powerful!!!

by @mahesh (195), 2 years ago

I think you should wait for the crawling. Nowadays Google has become very smart and not indexing all content.DO one thing again submit your content on Search Console....

by @ms (3194), 2 years ago

@nesim so what do you think would be appropriate approach to links in posts? Most people register and post just to get a link to their site.

Like Hey my website xyz is slow. What should I do?

This is not something we can leave here. No real benefit to anyone.

So I suggest to post more details - just answer the question, if you have anything to say. That's it.

Check once that have you submitted your website to search engines and have you copied the tracking code to your website for those.


Hey, I suggest submitting your sitemap on the search console. If you already did then inspect your individual post URLs see the crawl status, errors if there is any error fix them, and request for indexing. That's it. Your pages will crawl soon. Cheers!

by @railrecipe (167), 1 year ago

Hii there, you should use good authority sites like medium, blogger, mix, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. I have also used these sites for promoting my blog and got crawled by google.

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