How to target Right Audience in Facebook?

by @Sunil (142), 3 years ago

Hello all,

I need help with how to target the right audience in Facebook advertisements. I am running travel and tour package Leads Ads we required high conversion on our leads and get quality leads with low budget.

Thanks Sunil

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by @seoradar (266), 3 years ago

Use FB tracking pixel to identify your site audience and later only target this audience. It should convert much better, because they already know your site and brand.

by @amzonestep (125), 3 years ago

You can target the audience on facebook by optimizing it properly. Follow the tips to target the audience.

  1. Compile data on your current customers.
  2. Look to the website and social media analytics.
  3. Check out the competition.
  4. Create a target market statement.
  5. Test social ads on your target market.
by @laxirjune (125), 3 years ago

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