How to resolve old urls efficiently?

by @Quester (133), 2 weeks ago


I had a website (BCD) that I split into two (BCD & PAC). BCD had a predeccesor site (VFTP). Neither PAC nor BCD are performing anywhere near where they should and my developer says:

However, BCD is carrying a lot of old baggage. Copy & Paste: into Google search and you will see that there are 368 posts/pages on Google search. These are old URLs and many posts that are now on PAC. This could be BCD's biggest problem.

The developer is proposing the best solution to dealing with this is to create an entirely NEW site. This seems expensive and inefficient. Is there a way to resolve these old urls that is a lot easier and less expensive for me?

isnt this something that should have been addressed as each new site was created?

Really appreciate HELP!


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by @binayjha (2454), 2 weeks ago
  1. For performance, both sites should be promoted online. The last performance gain can't be split. The loss of performance should be covered by promoting both the sites further. As far as indexed URLs are concerned on the old domain, these can be removed by using GSC.

  2. In case you do not want to loss the performance of first site then keep it as it is and create new site PAC from scratch.

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