Jan 11, 2023

How to resolve old urls efficiently?

Quester published thread How to resolve old urls efficiently?


I had a website (BCD) that I split into two (BCD & PAC). BCD had a predeccesor site (VFTP). Neither PAC nor BCD are performing anywhere near where they should and my developer says:

However, BCD is carrying a lot of old baggage. Copy & Paste: site:bestculturaldestinations.com into Google search and you will see that there are 368 posts/pages on Google search. These are old URLs and many posts that are now on PAC. This could be BCD's biggest problem.

The developer is proposing the best solution to dealing with this is to create an entirely NEW site. This seems expensive and inefficient. Is there a way to resolve these old urls that is a lot easier and less expensive for me?

isnt this something that should have been addressed as each new site was created?

Really appreciate HELP!


Jan 1, 2023

Guidance on use of "Click Here" and "Read More"

Quester published thread Guidance on use of "Click Here" and "Read More"

Here's to 2023 and new beginnings!

I am new to this forum and hope to get guidance on a long-standing dilemma that my developer cant get to the bottom of. I have 20 posts of my blog in Google's top three for its key words, and 55 in Google's top ten, meaning I have 75 posts on page one of Google searches. However, I have less than 10k in traffic each month, when the combined search volume for the site's post are more than 500k.

I have been learning about seo on my own for 3 or 4 years and am certainly not an expert. But I stumbled across soemthing I thought might be the culprit for the lack of traffic to my site and that is the usage throughout the site of the words "Click Here" and "Read More" in links, such as this one:

Click here for the latest prices and more information on XYZ (the entire phrase is a link)

The site also has blurbs like this:

Read More: Before your trip, learn more about the culture of XYZ!

I found an article on Berkely.edu

which explicitely says:

For example, if you are pointing visitors to a page called "About Us":

Try not to say: "Click here to read about our company."

Instead, say: "To learn more about our company, read About Us."

My developer says this is not an issue.

What's your opinion? Is usage of "Click here" or "Read more" poor seo practice? Is it poor practice only if its in a link, or are the words best not to use, period? Could something this simple but is prolofic across my site be a major issue?

Thanks in advance!




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