How To Rank Keyword On first page?

by @stella (166), 2 years ago

My keyword ranked on the second page for a very long time how can I rank on 1st page?

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by @ms (4012), 2 years ago

Kind of question that can not be answered clearly. We don't know what your strategy is and how you're doing. Anyway, I assume you are talking about Google ranks..

Basically, if you are on page #2, Google thinks it is the spot where your page belongs [at the moment]. Because of content metrics, visitors behaviour, references from other pages/websites (backlinks), etc.

Generally, you need stronger signals, to let SEs know that you belong higher.
by (30), 2 years ago

Ranking on the first page is likely to be difficult—but not impossible. If ranking for this keyword is vital for your business, then you should still go after it. Just be aware that you probably won't rank for it quickly, and that you may need to build lots more backlinks than the competition to rank.

by @ms (4012), 2 years ago

I wouldn't say you'd need lot more backlinks than your competition. Even thousands of "fiver" backlinks won't help. You just need the right backlinks.. Check where your competition have links, try to reach out to those sites and find new, better opportunities for high quality backlinks. There are plenty, just not as easy to get as paying $5 for a next day backlink delivery...

by @Djohnavid021 (98), 2 years ago

You're probably wondering, "How to rank a keyword on Google?" After all, there are many factors to consider. In this article, I'll go over some of those factors, as well as some tips for achieving top rankings. Hopefully, you'll find this information useful. But before I explain these factors, I want to explain how keywords are used on search engines. This is the most important part of the entire SEO process.

by @findbacklink (140), 2 years ago

send me your url, i will check it for you
by (30), 2 years ago

Create a keyword strategy to target terms your target customers are searching Write content for humans Target location-based searches Optimize for mobile Focus on user experience

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