How to manage multiple facebook accounts on a computer?

by @lalicatbrowser (-104), 1 year ago

How to manage multiple facebook accounts on a computer?

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by @ms (3521), 1 year ago

Do you need to manage multiple user accounts or pages/groups?

For multiple user accounts, you can use multiple browsers. For pages/groups, you don't need that if admin is the same person. You can manage them from your account.

by @Gamerseo (1325), 1 year ago

I also do not see any solution other than the one mentioned earlier.

by @Cece (124), 1 year ago

Antidetect browser softwares can help you manage multi-account, and prevent accounts association, such as VMLogin, Lalicat.

by @lalicatbrowser (-104), 1 year ago

Thank, I will try.

by @BrookLopez (110), 1 year ago

I used Multilogin for a long time but switched to Hidemyacc. It is much more profitable and there is excellent support

You can try free: DOWNLOAD

by @binayjha (3810), 1 year ago

It's a nice solution @BrookLopez.

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