How To Build Backlinks For My Blog or Article

by @rahulajith (155), 1 year ago

I have been working on my blog for quite some time now but not able to rank in google first page because of no baclinks to those article. Can someone help me out on ways on how I can build backlinks for my articles.

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If you want to make the backlinks for your blog just do social bookmarking, diigo, mix, classified ads and promote your blog on social media.

by @rahulajith (155), 1 year ago

I have been doing all of these but not getting enough traffic from them nor getting any backlinks

by @outorigin (58), 1 year ago

first, bookmark your blog and share it on social media platforms.

by @william17 (-106), 1 year ago

Backlinks we can say “Inbound Links'' or “One Way Links”. If you have a high number of backlinks on your website for sure you will have a high search engine ranking. Backlinks always play an important role in the ranking of websites and web pages.

Link Building Tactics:-

  1. Use Ultimate Strategies and Techniques
  2. Broken-Link Building
  3. Get Forum Links
  4. Publish “Skyscraper” Content
  5. Guest Posting
by @rahulajith (155), 1 year ago

Thank you everyone for the help will try and implement the same.

by @maheshonlinebiz (82), 1 year ago

For making the backlink of your website. Do one thing start making a profile on the website which gives the Signup option. Visit the website and fill in the details of your company. Another is the best way to create the backlink. Making the social media profile on all famous social media websites.

I hope you have got the answer.

by @railrecipe (167), 1 year ago

Share your blog or article, on sites such as medium.com, tumblr.com, mix.com, quora.com, blogspot.com, reddit.com Please network your blog on these sites. This will help to generate good backlinks.

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Much thanks to you, everybody, for the assistance, will attempt to carry out something similar.

by @anas (-58), 1 year ago

You can create high-quality SEO profile backlinks.

by @stanley (120), 1 year ago

get backlinks related to you niche and adopt a strategy and variation to build links and make sure to not build links on high spam score sites

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