How should i recrawl my website ?

by @crimelibrary (116), 2 years ago


Recently i changed one old WordPress website to another html web. The new site have urls with the same name that the old site.

The problem: In google search still appears urls from my old website that not exist anymore.

Question: After upload a new sitemap, should i just wait ? Or should i remove using Google Search Console’s Removals Tool the urls from the old website ?

Thank you and sorry for bad English.

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by @SEOBubble (125), 2 years ago

Hi @crimelibrary

Not sure to fully understand what you mean. let's say you had in your old wordpress website:

What did you do with your migration? Visibly you also deleted some pages. And have now for exemple:

In that exemple you deleted page2 but still can see it indexed in google search console ?

by @macrew-tech (215), 2 years ago

You must remove the URL of the old site through Google Search Console, one by one.

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