Dec 26, 2020

Wrong target content regarding language

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Hi Guys!

I'm pretty new in this forum so I hope my post will be well written.

I'm currently under an SEO issue and need some advices about it. My problem is that, Google don't show the good pages in the SERPs regarding the languages.

In fact, I translated some content in Italian, German, French etc ... When someone use the branding name of the project to find it by google, if this guy is French, German, or something else, Google shows the English version in the results. I of course would like google showing the German version for a German guy in the SERP ...

I already made properly my hreflang tags.

Some tips to fix it?

Thanks a lot in advance! And hope everybody had a merry christmas!

How should i recrawl my website ?

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Hi @crimelibrary

Not sure to fully understand what you mean. let's say you had in your old wordpress website:

What did you do with your migration? Visibly you also deleted some pages. And have now for exemple:

In that exemple you deleted page2 but still can see it indexed in google search console ?

Confused about SEO

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Well, the answer to your issue can come from lot of factors.

1st, this is true to say that Google doesn't care about SEO tools notations. But as them, google also have an algorithm to make the SERPs. SEO tools are trying to put their efforts in a notations system as close as possible than google's one. So if you have a good notation with every tools. This is definitely a good point.

Then, if you have a good speed test result, this is also a good point.

Visibly your issue is more in the content. I would ask:

  • Have you checked canibalisation between your pages?
  • Is your content too much old? You should maybe update it.
  • Have you zombie pages you should take care ?

To give you more ideas, it would be nice to have your website link. Same for your main competitors.

Want to find partner in web

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Hi @815kas,

Find a partner is quit difficult. We don't even have enough information to give you some advice about it.

  • How are your skills in SEO ?
  • Have you already made website projects ?!
  • What is your project around ?



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