How can I increase my site's Domain Authority?

by @Bob (173), 5 years ago

Hello friends, Greetings. I am an online small business owner, lead a website. Try to learn how I can develop my business and I am already on studying on relevant resources to develop my website. The domain authority is not so satisfactory level. So, I am interested to learn how to improve Domain Authority. Would you please help me to improve the issue. Thanks in advance for your precious guideline.

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by @ms (4032), 5 years ago

Hi Bob. Welcome to SEO Forum!

Domain Authority is MOZ's custom developed metric. We can't really tell what are the factors exactly, but very likely it has to do with link quality, link volume, social media mentions and domain age.

Also worth mentioning, DA is logarithmic scale so it really depends on where you are at the moment. What is your DA now? Why/How do you think higher DA would help your site/business?

by @Bob (173), 5 years ago

Hi MS, Cordial thanks for taking your busy time to make such kind support to my issue. Yeah, DA is a developed metric by Moz. I agree with you on what you said. I have already checked my site DA and PA that are accordingly 15 (DA) and 23(PA). As far I learned, High Domain Authority site has some advantage to get ranking on goolge search engine and I believe google ranking may lead my site to more audiences and may increase the possibility of business. Thanks again for coming forward to help regarding my issue.

by @ms (4032), 5 years ago

DA 15 isn't high at all. That means, it's relatively easy to rise it by 5 or 10 points in short time period. Since the scale is logarithmic, higher score points are harder to gain.

Generally speaking - acquire new backlinks (higher quality = more gain) and work with social media too (share existing content, discuss it on SM, ...).

Few more good backlinks and social signals should yield higher DA (3-7 increase) in a month easily.

Anyway, I asked why you want higher DA, because DA alone doesn't mean anything. It's yet another metric, along with hundreds of others... The key takeaway is, that if you want to be higher - your content should be better. Google ranks content depending on it's quality understanding it by machines AND people. How your visitors react to your content is crucial. Doesn't matter if you have 1000 backlinks if your content make people click back in first five seconds on your page. And even if you have just very few, or virtually no backlinks at all, your website could still do fine. So, while you definitely need some traffic to your website, it doesn't mean good backlinks will fix everything. It's just one dimension, that means nothing if everything else and specially content is weak.

Hope it helps to get you on the right track.

by @matthewsstephen12 (192), 5 years ago

Sites with higher authority have exponentially more incoming links, and they pass exponentially more authority when they link to other websites.

  1. Submit daily blogs have DA above 80.
  2. Social media website have DA above 90.
  3. Only a handful of websites have DA of 100 (Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Google).
by @ms (4032), 5 years ago

@matthewsstephen12 very true. Link from a high DA site (like 70+) should do a lot of work for you, @bob

by @Bob (173), 5 years ago

Ms, your explanation is really helpful for me. It surely enriched my working knowledge. I will try to do the way you mentioned. Tanks for your kind time.

by @Guvold (-3), 5 years ago

interesting too

by @lishmaliny (175), 4 years ago

Step 1: Choose A Good Domain Name Step 2: Optimize Your On-Page Content Step 3: Create Linkable Content Step 4: Improve Your Internal Linking Structure Step 5: Remove Bad And Toxic Links Step 6: Make Sure That Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly Step 7: Become An Authority Within Your Niche Step 8: Increase The Loading Speed Of Your Webpages Step 9: Promote Your Content Via Social Media

Camila Saunders
by @Camila Saunders (135), 4 years ago

To increase Domain Authority you need to create quality back links and content should not be copied from any site. Post genuine back links and increase targeted keyword in the content.

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