How can I fix "Duplicate Meta Titles' in SEO

by @stevenusername (118), 2 years ago

Auditing my website I get 'Duplicate Meta Titles' SEO Errors. I have listings of accommodation archives as 'pagination pages' with same URL but different content. Shall I leave this as is or there a solution to help get rid of this SEO Error?

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by @ariamathew (155), 2 years ago

Search Engines always demands different titles for different pages. So try giving different titles. Your error will be resolved

by @digitalredesign (105), 2 years ago

Yes, I agree with @ariamathew.

@stevenusername in order to easily see which titles have been duplicated, you can use Screamingfrog SEO spider, there is a free version of the software. Simply go through the details and change the titles.

Good luck!

by @boopin (134), 2 years ago

Google found a page title duplicated when it matches exactly same as other page URL. Adding page ids to each of the paginated pages could resolve this issue. For example, if your page is is the original paginated page. Then you can create each one as

by @seosubcription (45), 2 years ago

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