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by @Imic (116), 2 years ago

Hi guys, glad to have joined the community. I have double H1 tags on every page is what I realized. It seems this is coming with the WP template I'm using. I have a product - Hostel and have created blog section which is getting filled with new content with the day. Each new blog post has a new url-page. Do I need to do anything with double H1 tag or that does not impact SEO that much as google bots nowadays do crawl anything, right? Most of the SE traffic comes direct, which I cannot figure out from where and want to have the organic moving...Much appreciate the feedback in advance...

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by @shane (651), 2 years ago

It shouldn't matter unless you're stuffing keywords. H tags should reflect the importance of headings. My assumption is you have one for the post or page title and then again with the site title. This is common with WP sites/themes and will not negatively impact your site.

by @ariamathew (155), 2 years ago

Good SEO practice is to limit one H1 tag per page/post. In WordPress, By default WordPress, page/post will be given H1 tag

by @ms (3182), 2 years ago

Syntax-wise, you may have any amount of H1 on a page. There is no limit technically, as long as your headings are nested correctly.

Semantically however, it's a good practice to keep it one H1 heading per page, because, as we know, the weight of headings is relative. So if you use two H1 headings, doesn't mean you get double the exposure (ranking for both headings, instead of one). It will be simply divided between the two.

The other point of view is, if you have 2 H1 headings in one document, it should probably be two separate documents. If you have more topics under one parent topic, parent topic should be H1, child topics H2, and so on.

From SEO standpoint, most people see H1 as a document root element, so single top level heading per page makes perfect sense. Just like you always have exactly one HTML tag per page, if you know what I mean...

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