Editing old content, making it more seo friendly

by @shim (196), 4 years ago

I have recently taken over the site I bought, and it has pretty good content that works. It's old content, not a whole lot of it, but written by professional, gets nice amount of google traffic.

First idea was to interlink the content, add some references, and maybe sell some high quality links in those old articles to cover my investment back. Question is though, isn't this blackhat practice? Worried about penalties...

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by @nmiller (145), 4 years ago

NEVER f-around with google when it comes to content manipulation and visitor misleading. Google knows exactly how to identify such practice for a looong time. Keep making good content, put your links you your new content if you need to, and let the old content be.

by @digitalmarketingboy (-155), 3 years ago

Very important topic. Good and relevant content always helps to rank in search engines.

by @digitalmarketingboy (-155), 3 years ago

post removed - spam

by @shim (196), 3 years ago

Short update to my updated content on the site I bought 12 months ago:

I updated the content one year ago, just about the time of my post here. SE traffic has increased by more than 50% since then. Not sure how or why, but obviously google knows a way to compare content version over time and updated content is valuable for them. At least that's how it looks now from my perspective. Since I checked last year period stats, I can clearly tell that the content was getting more and more traffic over time and it's nearly doubled now. 50% is one year average.

by @seoexpert (10), 2 years ago

I don't think it is.

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