Duplicate content issue for medicine active ingredient

by @sunnylife (125), 2 years ago

Hey, I'm looking here for someone who can give us the valuable advise for an online pharmacy store. I observed the exact copied content for the section "Drug Composition Information" on the various product pages.

In all the above URLs you'll see that there is an exact duplicate content for the section "Drug Composition Information".

Now based on the above example, please suggest is it a good SEO practice of using the same "Drug Composition Information" on the various product pages? Is this practice can harm the website health or not? Or, one should avoid creating duplicate content for "Drug Composition Information" as well.

One point should be taken care that this is a case of "Drug Composition Information" which explains about the medicine's active ingredient and it is possible that the other medicine product pages may use the same ingredient as well.

So based on the above example, please guide us.


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by @shane (651), 2 years ago

Well, you could link to explanations for each of the active ingredients.

[drug -> text link] Drug 1 -> ingredient 1 Drug 2 -> ingredient 1, ingredient 2

This creates a pretty solid internal link structure and encourages multi-page visits. Reduced bounce rates can have a beneficial impact on SERP ranks.

Up to you though.

by @sunnylife (125), 2 years ago

Hi @shane

As what I am understanding from your response is that you're suggesting us to create a dedicated page for the active ingredient and put the link to this page in place of exact copied content on hundreds of the product pages. Am I right?

If yes, then this page will become a thin content page and after that how we can deal with it?

Your response will be very much appreciated.


by @shane (651), 2 years ago

It's not actually thin content though. It answers a specific query and has a obvious search intent too. Being a small page by word count does not inherently mean the page is bad.

I think profusely repeating yourself on each product page would likely be worse. Plus, how many users actually want/need/use this information? If less than a majority, you're just stuffing a page with information most users will not want.

I believe if there's a choice, you should chose a positive user experience before 'search optimization'.

by @shane (651), 2 years ago

It's also worth noting that the internet is mostly duplicate content. Very few people have original thoughts, very few sites are original concepts, very few blogs have original content, and very few pictures are of original objects.

Loosen the definitions a bit when considering best practices. Google has succeeded when it hands a searcher to a website which fully and accurately answers their query.

Quit wasting time on checking boxes and simply offer the best/most complete answer on an easy to navigate page which loads quickly on both mobile on desktop? You'll have better long-term success.

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