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i am the owner of a starting women clothing webshop ( ). I would like to know where to start to increase my google authority so that my keywords will rank easilier.

I feel like writing high quality blog posts wont work because my website has no authority. Also guest blog trading won't work because no site want's to work with a webshop with a 0 DA. Is it an idea to buy some backlinks on fiverr to increase my DA score a little so others will trade links?

Looking forward to your reply!

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by @ms (4032), 4 months ago

First thing first, I'd stay away from Fiverr links.

If you want good quality links, you need to "earn" them. You'll have to offer some sort of value in return. So maybe you can write an article for them or just keep improving your website until you can offer value on your website. Paid traffic can alway help you accelerate, but you need a plan. Budgets drain quickly with current CPCs.

by @gaurav (110), 3 months ago

Hey, Domain authority plays a vital role in building up your store presence. I can help you with the domain authority of your store as I have checked your domain authority is below 2. Moz is the best way to check your domain authority. if you want to learn more about domain authority please let me know I can help you in detail how you can increase your domain authority in very low cost and effective methods.

by @gaurav (110), 3 months ago

do not pay anyone without any plan you need a proper plan to execute all the things. Domain authority can take 2-3 months to come up to a good stage. I have my own 2 websites and have paid someone to do the domain authority: yes, the results were good but I had a proper plan and hired the man for just a very small amount. do not try fiver as that is an expensive platform t work on

by @SeoTraff (105), 3 months ago

just find newsmakers who need article about woman clothes, write it for them, or paid someone to write) give backlinks from this high DA resources.

Or just try free pressreleases)

Focus on creating quality content, optimizing SEO, engaging on social media, and seeking legitimate link-building opportunities. Avoid buying backlinks to prevent penalties from Google. Building authority organically takes time, but it ensures sustainable growth.

Avoid buying backlinks as it can damage your website's reputation. Focus on creating valuable content, engaging with your audience, and acquiring natural backlinks over time. Use social media and work with influencers to increase awareness.

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