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by @kurt0123 (301), 1 year ago


A few of my pages are actually "Discovered - currently not indexed" in GSC. I have read about this status and also have checked the page on seobility.net but can't find what am doing wrong. Any hint ? Thanks !


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by @binayjha (3810), 1 year ago

This is related with overall page quality. If Google finds the crawl budget is not sufficient to crawl the page then it left over for next time.

To get rid of it, look how the page quality can be improved and fix.

by @ThatwareLLP (105), 1 year ago

Hello, this is totally up to Google, that it will index your page or not. It also depend your page content and crawl budget as well.You can check the crawl budget your website is it good or not. And after that please optimize your page content and add some more content in that particular pages. Also, if there are a lot of pages is getting this issue, you cam use the Google indexing API to index those pages. You can use Python to index those in bulk.

by @kurt0123 (301), 1 year ago

Hello and thanks,

also Google is reporting redirect error for page


I have the home page


which is the French version and is currently indexed correctly. The english version of the home page is:


I can't see any redirection error when I access the link,

> Crawl > Last crawl > Jun 1, 2022, 9:13:08 PM > Crawled as > Googlebot desktop > Crawl allowed? > Yes > Page fetch > error > Failed: Redirect error > Indexing allowed? > N/A

by @binayjha (3810), 1 year ago

This type of redirection error usually seen when the default URL and URL in sitemap are different. For example, when I tried to visit above URL,


It redirected to,


Please mark the trailing slash, "/". Please note, Google doesn't crawl a page which is redirecting to another page.

If it is not the case then submit the URL manually for indexing. The error will vanish after a while.

by @kurt0123 (301), 1 year ago


Many thanks for this !


I would suggest you optimize your content well and focus on good quality link building from authority sites. To get indexed faster by the crawlers, you can try guest-posting. It is the best way to get do-follow links. You can use tools like Postifluence which makes this even easier to build links organically.

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