Canonical URLs Error and Deindexed Pages

I have an ecommerce site with 1000's of products. Unfortunately a coding error inadvertently placed a canonical URL link into our product pages pointing to the base url for the site. This resulted in us losing over 30,000 previously indexed pages and over 100,000 pages being excluded from Google indexing with a Alternate page with proper canonical tag status.

My question is - is there anything we can do to help get the pages reindexed?

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by @brandonkrush (105), 8 months ago

Had a similar issue a while back, you can inspect the URLs and request indexing in Google Search Console. However that will be a GRIND with that many pages....

by @ms (2286), 7 months ago

Once you fix the issue, your pages should be re-indexed in reasonable time. Due to high number of pages, it will probably take longer, but Google should be able to recognize them again without any further manual pushing.

Request indexing in GSC is always good idea if you need to make sure you made use of all the levers they give us.

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