Can you people help me find the sites where I can submit my blogs?

by @paras7 (122), 4 years ago

Hello, people, I am a blog writer Can you people help me find the sites where I can submit my blogs?

I have written a few blogs and would love to share with you. Also, just let me know what you think, it will help me come up with more interesting blogs.

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by @seocliniq (12), 4 years ago

I think you should submit it in Blog Submission site you can google it, If you have really great content write up I may advice you should create web 2.0 properties and backlink to your money site. Example Blogspot and wordpress

by @quyiksh (120), 4 years ago

Start with submitting you blog site to blog directories. Then write articles for your blog posts.

by @shalie7 (105), 4 years ago

link removed

by @nehasingh (105), 4 years ago

There are many websites for blog posts like quora, web 2.0, ezine, apsence and much more to get quality backlink. You can also search on google, best websites for the blog post, you found the best result.

by @lishmaliny (175), 3 years ago

Google Webmaster tool: This is an official tool by Google, where you can not only add your Website but also submit your sitemap to Google.

by @brucejonesseo (35), 3 years ago

Google Webmaster Tools is now called Google Search Console

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