Dharmendra Meena

Can I use the same keywords in multiple articles?

by @Dharmendra Meena (129), 2 months ago

I want to make some tutorial post but all the keywords are coming the same. For example:

How to make a bootable Pendrive using Rufus?
How to create a bootable USB using BalenaEtcher?
How to make any USB bootable with Universal USB Installer?
How to make Pendrive bootable using the command prompt?

All of these have

bootable Pendrive, 
bootable USB, 
USB bootable, 
Pendrive bootable

keywords and it is clear from reading that they all mean the same thing. All software will do the same work but the method of using is different and I want to make a separate tutorial for each software.

My question is that if I use these keywords, will my article rank on Google or will there be any problem if there is a similar keyword in it?

Please clear this doubt.

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by @binayjha (2868), 2 months ago

Your articles can rank in Google. These key phrases will be regarded as different by search engines.

by @shwetakaushik (155), 2 months ago

There should be no issue in ranking the articles if keywords are similar and the content is unique. You can describe the functionality of software by altering the sentences and using different text.


You can use these keywords in your content as they are different from each other. As you are using variants of keywords, search engine algorithms won't trouble you to rank those keywords.

by @zarrahfelton (144), 2 months ago

Hi All.

I have the same question:

Can I use the same keywords in multiple articles?


  1. Playing and Engaging with Kindness: The Ladybug and the Bully Frog
  2. Giving a Hand and Asking For One: Children Overcoming the Discomfort in Asking For Help
  3. Children and Morality: How to Instill Values in Children
  4. Empowering Children to Handle Bullies: Guide for Parents

All keywords have the same keywords below. Keywords: The Ladybug And The Bully Frog

Thank you for your answers.

by @binayjha (2868), 2 months ago

Hi @zarrahfelton, You should target first article for the given key phrase. Rest you know better.

by @seopackages (127), 2 months ago

Yes, you can use the same keywords in multiple articles, but it is important to use them in a way that is natural and adds value to the content.

Keywords should be used to help search engines understand the content of your articles and improve the visibility of your website in search results. However, keyword stuffing, or the excessive use of keywords in an attempt to manipulate search rankings, can actually hurt your website's performance and user experience.

To effectively use keywords in multiple articles, it is important to:

Use them in a way that adds value to the content: Don't use keywords just for the sake of using them. Make sure they are relevant and contribute to the overall meaning of the content.

Use a variety of keywords: In addition to using the same keywords, it is also important to use a variety of related keywords to give your content more context and help search engines understand the topic.

Use synonyms: Using synonyms for your keywords can help you avoid repeating the same words too often and improve the readability of your content.

Use them in a natural way: Keywords should flow naturally within the content and not be forced or awkwardly inserted.

Overall, the most important thing is to create high-quality content that is valuable to your audience and meets their needs. Using keywords as a way to support and enhance the content, rather than as the focus of the content, will help improve the performance of your website in search results.

Dharmendra Meena
by @Dharmendra Meena (129), 2 months ago

Thank you, guys :)

I got my answer about what exactly I wanted to know.

Thank you once again to all

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