Can I rank without backlinks?

by @ab1 (158), 5 years ago

I have read so many articles about ranking and how to rank sites and the most common advice is to build links. At the same time, I should not buy links and do comment spam. Let's say I can't build links. Can I rank my website on the first page for more competitive keywords?

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by @shane (653), 5 years ago

Focus on creating quality content. Links follow. You can rank without links in noncompetitive niches but as competition increases more validation is needed.

by @ms (4032), 5 years ago

Yes you can. But it would take more work and in some point you will have to start building links to keep up with competition.

If you don't want to use links, social signals may help a lot. However, from my experience, links have better effect. If your content gets shared a lot, you can rank well, but with links, you'd rank even better.

It's not one or another. Should be links + social signals + everything else that could possibly help.

With links or without, make sure you have your on-site SEO done right first.

by @ab1 (158), 5 years ago

That makes a lot sense. Thank you. My question was hypothetical, not that I don't build links at all.

by @bryangreene (249), 5 years ago

I agree with @shane, exactly is that happen to rank without backlinks.

by @emmic987 (136), 2 years ago

Hey, maybe you can share with me Free Dofollow Backlinks?

by @binayjha (5059), 2 years ago

Backlinks are known as the backbone of search engine ranking. One should not dare to think of search engine ranking in top of the result pages without backlinks.

by @emmic987 (136), 1 year ago

yes but maybe you know of free sites where i can post DoFollow backlinks.

by @binayjha (5059), 1 year ago

The list can be acquired by searching for it on Google like search engine. Then start building your own list. For example, I just searched on Google and found following useful link with the list.


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