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by @raheelahemed (147), 1 year ago

I have B2B website called http://burak.in. Its a product manufacturing company. I want to know how to start its SEO and What off page activity would be help to increase its website traffic.

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by @ms (2286), 1 year ago

Hey @raheelahemed

Please, be more specific. Your question is super broad, there is no answer to "How to start SEO". Thanks for understanding.

by @raheelahemed (147), 1 year ago

Sorry. Is it specific? " How to start B2B Website SEO".

by @KeerthanaVenugopal (-35), 1 year ago

Hi Raheelahemed,

Well, as we know SEO concept is not much little do describe in a few words....But let me try my best to advice you...However, SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of the website through search engines by using the specific term called "Keyword", which it drags the visitors to your website. So, here we should make some effort for getting the visitors to the first page of the website....

you should build a website which is related to your product that you wanna expose in the online market. First and the foremost thing while building a website, we should focus on "ON Page Optimization" where we can make changes on the website like inserting title, description, keywords, HTML coding, submitting sitemap etc.. so by inserting all the inputs building of website will be done.

Then we need to do off page seo for the website where we can building the backlinks, link building etc which we can drag traffic from social media marketing, forum sites, blog submissions, directory submissions which includes all the off page optimisation techniques means (the changes will be done from the external part of the website) need to work on that for indexing your website to search engine crawlers. you can perform SEM (search engine marketing) which you gonna advertise on your website in search engine.

The process will be more than this i'm just giving you the outline of SEO process...Hope this will give you the Overview of Building a website followed by SEO. Thank!

by @ms (2286), 1 year ago

@raheelahemed not quiet.

I don't know anyone aiming for SEO, just for sake of having/doing it. Typically you want more leads, sales, whatever, and optimizing your site and content accessibility is the way to go. Links and mentions are next things on your to-do.

But again; this is super general advice, means nothing and won't help. Be creative and think goals first. SEO isn't your goal...

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