Sep 25, 2020

How can I will be expert in kewword research?

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you can start from the beginning stage of the keyword research process..will tell you the method, which i was following that. First take a website and analyse what the content is about and check all the pages in the site including title, description, headings, alt tags etc....while doing this process you will get an they are using keywords using content?? will get to know what are the strategies they are using in the site for improving keyword research. Then do AJAX research which means if you are typing some keyword in the search engine then you will get the following results and mean while you can check it from "A-Z" like for ex: Digital Marketing Companies after that type "A" you will get some suggestions, then again Digital Marketing Companies type "B"..."Z" you need to check all the keywords from A-Z and then you can do competitor analysis for finding what type of keywords they are using relevant to content?...and you can use free keyword tools for need to put lot of effort and brainstorming ideas while doing this....After doing lot of research will become expert in this concept...


Sep 1, 2020

Questions Related to Link Building

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Building natural back links to our site will lead to adding a good design to our site. But ensure, before building back links... first optimize your website and get a great outfit for that by adding quality content, keywords, internal links etc make something even better. Then you must opt for a right website where you can get quality back links to the site. Collaborate with the infuencers which means with the people or company which relates to you. Just have a brief look on their pages, definitely will find one different thing which is useful to you and if chances are good then both of you will be happy. Search Q&A websites for gaining some new topics which you can get unanswered questions there like quora, reddit.

Good Luck!!!!

Aug 20, 2020

B2B SEO Strategy

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Hi Raheelahemed,

Well, as we know SEO concept is not much little do describe in a few words....But let me try my best to advice you...However, SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of the website through search engines by using the specific term called "Keyword", which it drags the visitors to your website. So, here we should make some effort for getting the visitors to the first page of the website....

you should build a website which is related to your product that you wanna expose in the online market. First and the foremost thing while building a website, we should focus on "ON Page Optimization" where we can make changes on the website like inserting title, description, keywords, HTML coding, submitting sitemap etc.. so by inserting all the inputs building of website will be done.

Then we need to do off page seo for the website where we can building the backlinks, link building etc which we can drag traffic from social media marketing, forum sites, blog submissions, directory submissions which includes all the off page optimisation techniques means (the changes will be done from the external part of the website) need to work on that for indexing your website to search engine crawlers. you can perform SEM (search engine marketing) which you gonna advertise on your website in search engine.

The process will be more than this i'm just giving you the outline of SEO process...Hope this will give you the Overview of Building a website followed by SEO. Thank!




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