Are Blog Commenting Services Effective for SEO and Rankings?

by @webxeross (-128), 10 months ago

Do Blog Comments help improve SEO? Does allowing comments on your blog help or hurt your SEO?

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by @vajidkhan (-25), 10 months ago

According To My Knowledge and Latest Algorithm, Comment Posting is Not Much Effective On Behalf Of Relevancy Standard.

by @prolearner20 (125), 10 months ago

As per my knowledge, these days Blog Commenting is not considered as a very good technique to increase the rankings, it can be a used as medium to bring good traffic, but it is not an effective technique to increase rankings.

by @AlexMerchant (-120), 9 months ago

Blog commenting can improve your SEO and ranking in a number of ways, both directly and indirectly: 1) Brand Awareness 2) Ideation 3) Relationships 4) Traffic

I generally follow kuware.com for Marketing related information. Hope this helps.

by @binayjha (2459), 8 months ago

For domain authority improvement, it is fine and not for ranking directly. There should be variety of links to popularize the link. Blog commenting is just one of them.

by @Ritehly (123), 6 months ago

I think blog commenting in SERP is also one of the best way to rank in google, I notice my main keyword has a bad blogs and then everytime the bad blogs has a new comments it will rank higher to google.

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