any SEO tools to use in IRAN? [read about difficulties]

by @medil0ne (147), 3 years ago


I am from Iran. and I work on Persian/Farsi Keywords (Like گوگل, سئو, بلیط قطار, بلیط هواپیما). I am a digital marketing strategists and SEO specialist. (connect in Linkedin)

because of all related sanctions even on the web, lots of tools/software/SaaS/even extensions don't work with Iran location (Adsense has no Iran Location). some even directly block Iranians IPs.

There are some softwares that I could use, like the SEO Power Suite. but the data in these ones are a bit suspicious in my experience. not that they're not good.

DO YOU have any software or tools to suggest? I could really use a good one.

Thank you,

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by @pourya7272 (105), 3 years ago

hello my friend. the best tool for you is use relavent keywords and know what your client search in your business i have been prepare good content for this: link removed i hope it will help you my friend.

by @medil0ne (147), 3 years ago

thank you dear pourya, but that wasn't the answer.

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