analysing a website

by @ci100 (120), 1 week ago

I am looking for a website so i can analyse a website such as their backlinks, how many people can go on their website per day and mostly what country do people click on their website the most. I know sem rush is good but is there any others websites that are good, any free ones will be great

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by @macrew-tech (203), 1 week ago

dear, many free tools are available online like seoptimer [dot] com, rankwatch [dot] com, etc., but they provide little information about the site. If you are looking for a tool to make your site better at SEO point of view, checking backlinks or other aspects, then you should go with paid.

by @ashish2021 (117), 1 day ago


thanks for create the question... there are many tools for website analysis like, .... where you can track the status of websites or backlink

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