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by @ci100 (132), 1 year ago

I am looking for a website so i can analyse a website such as their backlinks, how many people can go on their website per day and mostly what country do people click on their website the most. I know sem rush is good but is there any others websites that are good, any free ones will be great

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by @macrew-tech (215), 1 year ago

dear, many free tools are available online like seoptimer [dot] com, rankwatch [dot] com, etc., but they provide little information about the site. If you are looking for a tool to make your site better at SEO point of view, checking backlinks or other aspects, then you should go with paid.

by @ashish2021 (139), 1 year ago


thanks for create the question... there are many tools for website analysis like, .... where you can track the status of websites or backlink

by @AidanSEO (115), 1 year ago

SEM Rush, AHREFS, and Majestic are the top 3 tools for this. I'm not sure any of the free options would be worth it because it takes $$$ for tools of this scale to sustain themselves.

Something is better than nothing though, good luck on your search!

by @Giji (65), 1 year ago

Tools for behaviour analytics, such as Hotjar heatmaps and session recordings, help you learn how users are behaving on your website and engaging with it. On a page, heatmaps aggregate actions, highlight the buttons, CTAs, and other clickable features in which your visitors connect, swipe past, and ignore; session recordings show you how people move between pages and help you discover possible glitches, challenges, or specific problems that they face during their journey.

You can Use Search console and google analytics for this, you will get all the details for which of your keywords are being searched, which country Which page. All demographics, geo, interest.

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