404 errors are generated everyday…

by @cosminbanaurs (134), 1 year ago


Every day I see lots of new 404 errors in my dashboard.

Can this ruin my website SEO?

Many errors have .xml .php what does that mean?

I know they are bots. but where do they come from? Why the errors are HTTP type and not HTTPS? My domain is HTTPS… I don’t understand where these requests come from.

Should I worry or can I ignore them?

I have a screenshot of the 404 errors:

Thank you very much and appreciate your help.

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by @binayjha (3795), 1 year ago

You should consult your developer to get these fixed. It is important to fix them for SEO. A website with 404 not found errors loss attention of Google and search engines stop visiting the website. This is harmful. So, get these fixed at your earliest.

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