Mar 27, 2022

Can irrelevant backlinks reverse the effects of your SEO?

cosminbanaurs published thread Can irrelevant backlinks reverse the effects of your SEO?

Hello, I bought a domain for a nutrition website but the old owner of this domain had a website that talked about digital marketing, SEO google, etc. Now I have 264 backlinks with a great authority score between 48 - 72.

The problem is the backlinks are in the following categories: Business & Industrial, computer & Video Games, digital marketing... unrelated to my nutrition website. Now, what should I do?

Remove backlinks with google console because they can confuse google about my website niche?

Thank you very much for your help.

404 errors are generated everyday…

cosminbanaurs published thread 404 errors are generated everyday…


Every day I see lots of new 404 errors in my dashboard.

Can this ruin my website SEO?

Many errors have .xml .php what does that mean?

I know they are bots. but where do they come from? Why the errors are HTTP type and not HTTPS? My domain is HTTPS… I don’t understand where these requests come from.

Should I worry or can I ignore them?

I have a screenshot of the 404 errors:

Thank you very much and appreciate your help.




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