Nov 21, 2018

What exactly Pogo Sticking is? Does it affect SERP?

Martin Khan upvoted What exactly Pogo Sticking is? Does it affect SERP?

Being fairly new to seo, I understand that pogo sticking means bounce rate. But what is different? Does google take in account 'pogo sticking' metric for positioning their results? How can google tell if the user bounced or not if the target site doesn't use analytics or other tracking accessible by google?

What exactly Pogo Sticking is? Does it affect SERP?

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> pogo sticking != bounce rate

Bounce rate is one page visit basically. Doesn't take in account the time spent on the site. Pogo sticking is going back and forth between search results, spending no time on the pages.

I think it's obvious why pogo sticking is bad.

Dec 10, 2017

Ranking an Internal Page

Martin Khan published thread Ranking an Internal Page

My digital marketing agency site is ranking well for "digital marketing agency nj". But one of the primary services we offer is web design, and we're nowhere to be found for that. I've already got a well optimized dedicated "web design" page that is linked up internally. But all my incoming links are going to the homepage.

I'm considering creating a new website for that, but then I'd have to start from scratch with authority and links.

My question is how do I rank for "webs design agency nj" on my current site when Google is apparently seeing me as only "digital marketing"?

Dec 7, 2017

Duplicate keyword in URL

Martin Khan upvoted Duplicate keyword in URL

Can duplicate keywords in URLs boost page importance on that keyword? Or is it potentially subject to penalisation?

Think of{specific} where product specific would be either color, size, model, version or so.

To me, it looks quiet spammy, but saw that on a site. They do well in G's SERP. I would rather not post their actual website for now, but you know get what i mean.

Dec 5, 2017

Most popular keywords by city

Martin Khan published thread Most popular keywords by city

Spent 3 hours looking for a solutions, yet I am still struggling to find a tool which would list most popular keywords for bigger US cities (100k+). If you know of some tool that can do that (free or reasonably priced), please, let me know. I'd appreciate any guidance and tips.

SEO and analytics tools you use

Martin Khan published thread SEO and analytics tools you use

This is probably secret stuff that most people won't share, but if you don't mind sharing: What apps do you use for monitor and analyze your SEO, ranking positions, backlinks, social signals and traffic in general? No need to state the obvious - I know most or maybe generally all webmasters use Google Analytics. I am more interesting to learn about new, maybe bit specific stuff like Mixpanel, if you know what I mean.

Dec 4, 2017

Explain: Google Crawl Budget

Martin Khan published thread Explain: Google Crawl Budget

I came across term Crawl Budget in an article recently. It sounded familiar, but I don't really know what does that mean.

Does it have something to do with how much resources can Google give your website when crawling it, or is it something entirely different?

Please, explain to me like I was 10 :) Thank you


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