Hello I had a small question. I am a digital marketer and have a small query related to the same. I have a website and working consistently on it. I believe my SEO, on p...

I am confuse about two h1 tag on a single page, so suggest me can I use 2 H1 tag on single landing page. and also suggest me its is beneficial for my SEO ranking.


I found this quite interesting, because they own the data and most of the time the content they show for your company related queries is publicly available anyway. So, ev...

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SEO for E commerce

by @TimTom (79), 2 months ago

How to build seo strategy for eCommerce website? Kindly share any links to learn


Hi All, I have created landing for real estate for my company in mail chimp and doing the activity of back link for the landing page. But some how i cant track the traffi...


Dirilis Ertugrul Sword is a medieval sword that used to fight in ancient times. It is one of the best swords. Yataghan is famous for its first-class swords. Most of them...

Should I include syndicated content (properly canonicalized to the external original source) within my site map?


Hello, I am new to SEO and I've got some doubts about how the crawlers work. I tried to look up for info but I couldn't find an answer to this specific question. As for m...


If I write a content to publish web 2.0, then it would be right to share that content to other web 2.0 sharing site list? My sites rank and keywords rank has increase eve...