Wrong Domains Ranking on Google

by @nicole (112), 1 year ago

We have UK, CA, and AU domains for many years and Google starts to rank our UK domain for brand name search on Google CA & AU since late May. When inspecting urls in GSC, we found that Google chose canonicals cross domains for a lot of our pages, e.g. (Google-selected canonical: (Google-selected canonical:

GSC country setting, hreflang tags, canonical urls, sitemaps, etc., all look correct on each domain. The content is also different.

We couldn't understand why Google is mixing the three domains and we also don't see the same issue for our NZ domain. Any help would be appreciated.

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by @binayjha (4117), 1 year ago

If the content on different domain pages are different then they should not be declared canonical to each other domains. I checked few URLs like, and Both domain pages have same content. Similarly, most of the content on other domains are same.

You need to be honest while creating web pages with unique content. Making the content unique is the solution.

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