Will link building be still relevant in 2020

by @sakshiarora (118), 3 weeks ago

Link Building is powerful activity for ranking online, will this activity be still relent in 2020. Share you experience with real examples

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by @ms (884), 3 weeks ago

Hi @sakshiarora

Link building will be relevant in 2020 and even in 2021... That's because links are one of the most relevant available signals for Google to rank sites on the net. Just like user behaviour metrics (bounce rate, pogo sticking, pages per visit, ...) and so on.

You can't cut down strong signal like links in one moment. Power of links will be probably lower and lower over time, but I can't see it becoming completely irrelevant for ranking sites. Definitely not in the next few years.

What do you think?

by @sterlingresorts (155), 2 weeks ago

Link Building techniques are old.

Content posting Bookmarking submission Directory submission Images sharing Video sharing Question answering Forum profile creation PPT sharing

by @pulkit (120), 1 week ago

Yes, link building is still valuable in 2020. There are various techniques through which you can build high-quality links like Video Submission, Bookmarking Submission, Question-Answer Platforms, etc.

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