Will having a lot of inbound links from low domain reputation websites help increase mine.

by @bsturgeon (118), 3 years ago

I have an oppertunity to increase my inbound links from sites such as doctor's, local retail shops and everyone with low or no domain reputation. Should I do this or would google frown upon it? Would it increase mine or go down. They are not spammy sites but they also are not known. Thanks

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by @ms (3182), 3 years ago

Hi there and welcome to SEO forum.

If not spammy, links in general won't hurt. Your question is missing one key point - are these sites even in your niche? If absolutely not, I wouldn't really spend time on this, not worth it. If close to your niche, then OK, might be worth getting some links for diversity of your backlink profile. Just don't expect too much.

The weight of inbound links is not the same as it used to be years ago. It's still strong ranking signal, but just links won't make your site #1.

by @adamkostka90 (176), 3 years ago

my question is for you is :) can you share your link opportunity how and where do you find it.

what's your process thanks :)

by @brucejonesseo (35), 3 years ago

Some of those sites might increase their power over time, if so the link would be even better for you.

by @MarkusMay (136), 3 years ago

In general I would say: Websites in the same niche which are not spam definitely increase your rank

However much more important is your own content. If your site in general doesn't have

  • good speed
  • quality content
  • a reason why people should use your site backlinks only won't help you for long.

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