Will changing global canonical URL affect Rankings? (Capitalization in URL)

by @arnelaj (112), 9 months ago

Hello everyone,

I would really appreciate some insight on how a website change could potentially affect our existing SEO - as we rank highly on certain keywords and have an established website already.

I know that having all lowercase URLs is best for SEO. However, the team before me created our website with as our root domain. So everything on our site is contained in this "Web" folder - all of our URLs start with This means that both web and Web versions of each URL on our site exist. There is currently a global canonical tag pointing to the capitalized "Web" version.

Now the issue is we are switching our site to Webflow and they do not allow capital letters in URLs. If we change our canonical tag and point everything to the lowercase “web” instead of “Web” – will that mess up our existing SEO? I am worried that it could potentially drop our rankings. Or will it not matter and Google will simply switch it over to the lowercase version?

Advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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by @sam12 (131), 9 months ago

use 301 redirect rather than canonical.

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